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We offer a variety of services aimed at maximizing maintenance dollars and minimizing down time.



With MT Electronics you get the option of on-site demonstrations of the equipment you have purchased!


Pick-up & Delivery of Repairs



We offer free onsite training for all of the equipment we sell. This is normally done in two sessions. The first to familiarize the customer with the equipment and how to operate it. The second to answer questions and go over the operation again.

We also offer onsite training on the theory of locating and how to operate locating equipment. Please call for pricing.

Quality Assurance

Our quality program is designed to assure trouble free operation of your equipment upon its return. We accomplish this by performing a 100% AQL by manufacturer’s specification on repairs with special emphasis on the reported problem.


We do not offer flat rate pricing. We perform all repairs at time and material. As stated above we will automatically call with an estimate on all major repairs. We will happy to provide you with pricing on any repair be it a minor, normal or major repair at your request at no additional charge.

Our pricing policy is time and materials. All inshop service is performed at a rate of $75.00 per hour in 1/10-hour increments. Onsite repairs are at a rate of $135.00 per hour-point to point.


All services are performed by approved estimate. If the estimate is not approved, the equipment will be returned clearly marked unrepaired material, and there will be no charge. Also, if the equipment is determined to be beyond economical repair, you will be notified of the cost and the problem. Again, the equipment will be returned clearly marked beyond economical repair at no charge.


Estimates will be provided for all repairs that are determined to be major repairs. “Major” being more than 3.5 hours labor and $200.00 in parts or 50% of replacement cost, whichever is less.

While we will try to be as exact as possible with estimates they are not quoted as a firm price. If we are going to exceed our estimate by more than 15% we will call for another approval. If the second estimate is not approved, the equipment will be returned as described under service at no charge.


We guarantee the entire unit to be free from defects for a period of 60 days from the date of repair. This includes any parts installed during the original repair and all labor needed to bring the unit to good operating condition. We exclude abuse from the warranty.

Turn Around

Turnaround time is kept to a minimum. We keep a wide variety of commonly used parts in stock however we can not keep every part for all the equipment we service in stock. Should we have to order parts to complete a repair we order them as soon as possible. In the event the part is quite expensive we will contact you for approval if the part has an extended back order or is unavailable, we will notify you.

We offer a “priority service” in emergency situations. Briefly this service gives the fastest possible turnaround. We provide this service at no extra charge.

Repairs have never been easier!

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All of our used products & repairs are warrantied by MT Electronics. We are a factory authorized repair shop for in and out of warranty service.


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