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How we got started

MT Electronics was founded in October of 1990 by Jim Martin and Reg Taylor. We created MT Electronics to serve the telecommunications industry in the Bell Atlantic region which was then the C&P (Chesapeake & Potomac) companies New Jersey Bell, Bell of Pennsylvania and Diamond State telephone. Of course you know that after the merger Bell Atlantic and GE the company wound up being called Verizon. We still service equipment for Verizon in Virginia but we do so many other things now like sales of locating equipment, pipe inspection equipment, water leak detection equipment, Greenlee/Tempo tools, Pelsue ventilation equipment and tents, Klein tools, multi-quip pumps, Krylon paint. We service so much more now than we used to. We repair cameras as well as cable and pipe locators water leak detection equipment of course we still do a wide range in telecommunications, electro-mechanical, and mechanical equipment.

Jim and Reg owners of MT Electronics.

How we’ve grown

MT Electronics was incorporated or founded in October 1990. We started out working in a house using the garage as our warehouse, we were there for about 3 years and then we moved our facility to its present day location Jubal really highway. The building was a garage for semi-truck repair. It had to be renovated to suit our needs. Over the years more and more of the facility has been turned into workspace until now the entire campus is utilized for business.

Equipment Sales

MT Electronics is the exclusive distributor of Vivax-Metrotech Cable (as well as many other trusted brands) and pipe locating equipment and pipe inspection cameras in Virginia and many areas of West Virginia.


We offer free onsite training for all of the equipment we sell. This is normally done in two sessions. The first to familiarize the customer with the equipment and how to operate it. The second to answer questions and go over the operation again.


We offer in-shop repair services and up keep on all your underground utility equipment. Repairs can be shipped to us or we give you the option of pick up and delivery from your location. Making our services not just high quality but convenient. 

Dear Prospective Client

Have you ever been disappointed by a product or service that didn’t perform the way the salesman promised? Or have you heard, “All you have to do is send it back in”, When the product didn’t work properly after being serviced? Of course you have. These things happen to the best products and services available. But, if it continues to happen, it begins to cost money by lowering productivity due to increased down time and lost man-hours. In today’s world of cost intensive management can you afford to buy a product or service that is less than superior quality? We’re MT Electronics and we believe that quality is the best guarantee.

We specialize in servicing test and measurement equipment used in the telephone, power and cable industries. Our goal is to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible price. We have the experience and technical knowledge which allows us to provide a wide range of in shop and onsite services that are tailored to meet your needs.

We’re sure that you will find us easy to deal with and familiar with the equipment used in your environment. All we ask is an opportunity to compete. We’re confident when you compare quality, service and price you will see a notable difference.
So if you are interested in fair pricing, great service and fast turnaround time, give us a try. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Why choose MT Electronics?

Little things, you know if a company can’t get the little things right how can anyone have confidence that they can get the big things right. That’s why we at MT electronics are very detailed oriented when it comes to the little things. Like testing of the accessories or making sure the accessories that came in with the unit are returned. If all the accessories are not returned or are not tested and they are bad, in effect your equipment is still broken or you will not be able to use it. That’s why when we do quality assurance testing on your equipment we use your accessories to make sure they’re functioning properly and are with the unit. Cleaning the unit of dirt, debris and if possible getting paint and other marks off the unit as well.

We sell/distribute the best locating equipment in the world and the best water leak detection equipment there is. We sell Vivax-Metrotech cable and pipe locators and pipe inspection cameras. We sell/distribute SebaKMT water leak detection equipment, both are world class and sold worldwide. We support what we sell, after the sale we provide on site training in one or two sessions depending on what the customer would like. In the first session we will familiarize the customer with the equipment, show them how to operate it, then let them use it for a while then come back in a week or two or a month and answer questions and go over it again. We know how to use our equipment and understand how the customer uses it so we have a very good record of getting people trained on the use of the equipment and of course the theory of locating cables and pipes. Training for leak detection equipment is handled the same way we provide multiple training sessions as necessary. So customers can understand how to use it for their particular situation.

Service: Our warranty does not just cover the repair, it covers the entire unit. As an example if a customer sends in a locator, transmitter and receiver for service and the transmitter is defective we’re going to repair the transmitter and then go ahead and do a good preventive maintenance routine on the receiver to make sure it is in good working order. the warranty period then we warrant the entire piece of equipment for 60 days after the repair. The warranty includes all the labor and the parts that were in the original repair and for the rest of the unit it includes the labor to bring it back to good operating condition if something fails within the warranty.

Sales on site demonstrations of the equipment you would be buying. We do training as well if someone needs us to come in and do a class for their folks we have power points on the theory of locating that we can bring and go over with the class when.

When Verizon started contracting out their buried cable locating they were using a company that was called No Cuts. We were asked to start servicing their equipment they used Metrotech 810s. We went to Metrotech to get trained on how to service their equipment. And that’s how we began our relationship with Metrotech. Then as time went on we became a distributor for Metrotech and then we became an authorized service center for all in and out of warranty service on all Metrotech products. Then when Metrotech and Vivax merged during the economic down turn the name changed to Vivax-Metrotech we became a distributor for Vivax-Metrotech locating and inspection products.

We also offer on site services like private locating, fault locating of private electric services and water leak detection of private water lines.

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